Sessa Marine is developing a new asian strategy

Sessa Marine has announced plans to create a distribution network comprised of independent companies located in all of China’s boating hotspots. “Facing a market that is still under development, our aim was simply to provide precise points of reference, covering the key areas, avoiding at the same time excessive fragmentations,” says Andrea Loro, Sessa Marine Group sales director. Sessa has signed agreements with companies in Hong Kong as well as in the Dalian, Xiamen and Shenzen regions to cover the north, centre and south of China, together with Hainan island.

 “The next step to increase our brand awareness is to include the presentation of the most recent model at the upcoming spring and summer boat shows,” adds Loro.

The Italian shipyard plans to consolidate its presence in China over the next three years by introducing a large part of its product range from over 9m (30ft), comprising 14 models. The yard is aiming to achieve a sales target of at least 15 to 20 per cent of the group’s turnover.

Sessa has also confirmed attendance at all Chinese boat shows.