2013 ISAF Nations Cup Begins In Barbados

ISAF Nations Cup 2013 – Regional Final North America & Caribbean Bridgetown, Barbados. The 2013 edition of the ISAF Nations Cup has got underway in Bridgetown, Barbados at the Barbados Yacht Club.

The North America & Caribbean Regional Final, an ISAF Grade 2 event, opened with six nations in sparkling 20 knot wind conditions and sunny skies, in the warm seas of Carlisle Bay. Principal Race Officer Peter Burke and his race committee were able to complete 8 flights of a triple round robin to yield an early battle between USA and Canada.

Peter Wickwire representing Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia and Dustin Durant representing USA have separated themselves from the pack. Wickwire had a perfect day with eight wins but is closely tracked by Durant at seven wins having been pipped by the Canadian in a hotly contested match in the first round robin.

Puerto Rico’s Marco Texidor and Barbados’ Robert Povey are both tied on four wins and four losses each. Texidor tussled with Durant in flight seven but the win went to the American by releasing a penalty in the final downwind leg in the middle of a fierce luffing match.

Conditions will be challenging in the offshore trade winds for the remaining two days of the regatta. All competitors enjoyed the skippers Debrief under the shade of the Barbados Yacht Club where the lead umpires and sailors discussed calls and match race tactics before the sun fell on the Caribbean Sea.

Day 1 – Overall Scores
CAN Peter Wickwire 8-0
USA Dustin Durant 7-1
PUR Marco Texidor 4-4
BAR Robert Povey 4-4
USA Sandy Hayes 1-7
BAR Neil Burke 0-8

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