Tyrrhenian Sea adventure: an opportunity not to be missed

Ready to start of Tyrrhenian Sea adventure: an opportunity not to be missed. These are overloaded days for participants in “Roma per…” the offshore race that since the last twenty years characterizes the spring season in Tyrrhenian Sea… the event created by Paul Venanzangeli, Italian journalist, died prematurely 6years ago. 2014 marks the solo race debut and this is the first solo race in Italy. So busy days for the crews of RomaperDue and RomaperTutti but even more for participants RomaperUno class. All team are involved in a long preparation but all should match with budget: from physical to mental preparation, to boat fine tuning, to security. The most important aspect of the race is the challenge of man to nature, the weather and the unpredictability of the sea.

Among the protagonists of the “Solo Race” is Giancarlo Simeoli , born in 1973, a sailor by profession as well as head of the sailing section of Air Force, who will run this first edition with a Class40, boat conceived and designed to travel around the world of Global Ocean Race, but for the first time will be tested with the complexity of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Simeoli started sailing on Garda Lake, has over time developed great expertise in design class, becoming Italian champion in different categories and even today can boast of be among the few Europeans to have concluded four times in the Sydney-Hobart, one of the most complex ocean races in the world.


Although I have over the years developed a lot of experience from the point of view of management, in charge of head of Olympic campaigns of the guys who are part of the sailing section of the Air Force, this solo adventure for me in the Tyrrhenian Sea has a flavor all special – said Giancarlo Simeoli – it is the first time that I’ll race alone with no crew, but especially the first time that I will run against myself, against labor, against sleep, against weather and against all the unpredictable aspects that I will have to manage increasingly solely as well. Obviously last but not least against competitors because I am a competitive athlete in this first edition of the RomeperUno“.

In Italy there is an increasing interest in these offshore races . After a few Italians have shown excellent performance by training in France (home of solo ocean sailing) as Giancarlo Pedote , Giovanni Soldini and in the past Malingri’s family (just to name a few) today is a magnificent showcase RomaperUno able to revive the sport sail and take over the glories of the America’s Cup  which is always a big event but only for a few tycoons in the world.