A floating island, from lux to superlux

An Austrian firm has come up what it hopes is the next big thing for the mega-rich: a man-made, floating island with a list price of 5.2 million euros ($6.5 million) Measuring 20 by 37 metres (66 by 121 feet), the “Orsos Island” has no engine but can be anchored anywhere its owners choose and then towed to another location the other side of the world if they so wish, Hungarian-born Gabor Orsos said. Boasting 1,000 square metres of living space, the Orsos island was designed to combine the best of mainland real estate and a super yacht at a reduced cost. Described as being ‘more comfortable than just about any luxury yacht‘, the floating platform also features a bar, sundeck area, jacuzzi and aquarium. While buyers can tailor the interior and design to their own individual needs, the Orsos island comes with six state rooms, en-suite bathrooms and a restaurant area.
The island is environmentally friendly and fully self-sufficient, with solar panels and wind generators providing power. The company suggests the floating island is being positioned as a more affordable option to owning or chartering a luxury yacht. The only problem is that no “islands” have been produced yet and that once manufacturing starts it will initially be in land-locked Slovakia.

But Orsos expects the first finished products to be ready in 18 months’ to two years’ time, and for the “islands” to be transported down the Danube river into the Black Sea — and then to wherever the customer wants.



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