Eric Bompard, has renewed its title partnership with the Solitaire du Figaro in 2016

OC Sport is pleased to announce that the French fashion house, Eric Bompard, has renewed its title partnership with the Solitaire du Figaro in 2016 – the world’s most competitive single-handed one-design yacht race. Together with event organisers, OC Sport, Eric Bompard, chairman of the company, and his team will work to rejuvenate the Figaro starting with a name change. Now in its 47th year, the championship will henceforth be titled: ‘THE SOLITAIRE BOMPARD – LE FIGARO.’ “The special relationship that the House of Bompard has with Le Group Figaro will enable us to breath new life into the race through a renewed title partnership,” Bompard explained. “There is so much passion around sailing and sport in general, and an event like this is a real platform for the expression of our brand values. Eric Bompard is a long-time sponsor of this race, and we now need to take our know-how and look forward to the future.


“We as a company are excited about this new beginning and renewed partnership between Eric Bompard, Le Figaro and OC Sport,” he added.

A high-end cashmere fashion house founded in 1985, Eric Bompard has been a committed title partner to the Solitaire since 2011 – the brand giving the race its distinctive blue and pink identity. The renewal of the sponsorship comes as great news to organisers and competitors alike as Bompard and his team climb back aboard the Figaro for a sixth consecutive year. Since its appointment as title sponsor, Eric Bompard has provided unwavering support for the event and all who are involved.

“We welcome the renewal of this partnership for the sixth consecutive year and the opportunity for even greater visibility for Eric Bompard thanks to the renaming of the race,” said Marc Feuillée, General Manager of Le Groupe Figaro. “I look forward to another superb edition of this magnificent sporting event.” Mathieu Sarrot, Events Director at OC Sport, added: “I want to thank Eric Bompard for the confidence shown in us with its continued commitment to this race. With a new route for 2016, an expected 40 sailors on the start line and an ever-committed and enthusiastic sponsor back on board, we look forward to a new year as ‘THE SOLITAIRE BOMPARD – LE FIGARO’.”

Leg 1 of the SOLITAIRE BOMPARD – LE FIGARO starts from Deauville, France on 19th June 2016. See details of the full course below.

Leg 1: Deauville – Isle of Wight, Cowes (via Wolf Rock) 

510 nautical miles

Starts June 19th at 13:00 CET

Leg 2: Isle of Wight, Cowes – Paimpol Lézardrieux (via Land’s End and the Celtic Sea) 

475 nautical miles 

Starts June 26th at 15:00CET

Leg 3: Paimpol Lézardrieux – La Rochelle 

410 nautical miles

Starts July 2nd at 19:00 CET

Leg 4: La Rochelle – La Rochelle (via the Ile d’Yeu) 

130 nautical miles 

Starts July 6th at 19:00 CET

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