Foil cant system: the system is one-design. ETNZ against INEOS

The foil cant system (FCS) is a one-design supplied component designed and developed by ACE for all competitors. It has been used since the inception of this class. A note from ETNZ

– All teams are responsible for the installation, ongoing maintenance and operating procedures of their own systems.

– All teams are provided with full operating and maintenance instructions and programs to ensure effective and reliable performance.

– For the past few months there is a weekly coordinated call between all teams every Friday in an open and transparent environment to discuss the system and address any developments collectively.

– The maintenance and start up schedule that has been developed is a comprehensive schedule that is shared and in possession of all teams.

– In Emirates Team New Zealand’s experience if all maintenance and start up procedures are followed correctly; the system operates as designed.

– Emirates Team New Zealand has no access system to ensure these procedures are followed by any of the teams.

– In answer to INEOS TEAM UK’s suggestion that they only received a software update at 12pm yesterday.
o This is completely incorrect and inaccurate.
o The last software update was delivered to all teams last Friday following extensive consultation with all teams. Not midday yesterday.

– As far as The Defender is aware INEOS TEAM UK’s Foil Cant System is fully operational.

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