At METS 2019 Quick Spa presents a worldwide preview of important innovations that face motors and remote controls segment. Quick, by name and by nature. The italian company international leader in the production of nautical equipment, goes beyond the innovations presented at the beginning of the nautical season, presenting at METS 2019 two important world premiéres, one of which aims to completely transform the global nautical sector.

The new Q-SY Quick Synchronous Motors range will influence the nautical habits, being a new vision of the innovative and connected electric motors of the future.

Designed for everyday use in all navigation conditions and on all types of boats, the Q-SY Quick Synchronous Motors series keeps an eye on the future. The electric motor has extraordinary characteristics that provide a better energy efficiency and maintenance activities free. The motor is the result of a careful research, design and development phase and accurate tests carried out in extreme conditions. It is composed of an integrated power inverter and a permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor. All this details realize a better improvement in terms of operating costs, easy to use, reliability, efficiency, lightness, flexibility, noiselessness.

“What an opportunity if not METS to present for the first time this important innovation signed Quick. – comments Michele Marzucco, President and CEO of Quick Spa. We expect that Q-SY Quick Synchronous Motors’ machine will be a real trend for the whole nautical sector, representing a key product in terms of fuel efficiency and no maintenance activity. The Quick Spa team has re-invented the engines working hard in order to ensure high performance, performance and connectivity. Our company’ philosophy is to guarantee to the ship owner a “complete package” of products signed by Quick and all connected to each other. This will be possible from September thanks to the latest product presented at Cannes: the QNN – Quick Nautical Network, a gateway capable of integrating Quick systems with navigation systems “.


The second important news presented at Amsterdam is the QNC – Quick Nautical Controls, the new range, which consists of the new interpretation of single and double joystick models and push button control panel both designed to control the stern and bow thrusters, with a new design along with a new technology.

Quick Spa has decided to realize the new remote control range entirely re-designing it in the panel aesthetics and in the technology.

Relating to the design, the company has decided to use a retro-illuminated black tempered glass which protects the panel absorbing and dissipating possible shocks and also provides contemporary style and elegance.

The company has also changed the digital communication protocol with the one based on backbone CAN-bus cable allowing a more stable communication between motor and control panel, which offers plenty of advantages.

The restyling project has also the aim to expand its desing on Quick’ portfolio. The first products involved is the MC² Quick Gyro remote control.

The 3.5” high-resolution full touch widescreen display has been redesigned in order to adapt to the new backlit black tempered glass display suitable for every environment with great design and elegance.

The digital communication protocol, based on backbone CAN-Bus cable, allows a great innovation, controlling simultaneously more than one MC² Quick Gyro stabilizers.


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