Vendee Globe “A great marketing opportunity”

 This is the slogan of the regatta organizers. With fourteen months to go to the start of the Vendée Globe, twelve skippers have so far confirmed that they intend to take part in the solo round the world race and thirteen are still looking for sponsors. On 8th September at the Pavillon de l’eau in Paris, the organisers of the Vendée Globe brought together all these sailors with prospective partners and leading figures from the world of marketing. A meeting that showed that the Vendée Globe remains a safe choice in terms of media coverage and return on investment.

the Vendée Globe will take place on 10th November 2012 in Les Sables d’Olonne. Thirteen skippers would like to add their name to the list of those taking part in the 2012 Vendée Globe and are currently looking for financial partners. Bruno Retailleau, President of the Vendée Council stated, “There are three elements that characterise the success of the Vendée Globe. They are the simplicity of the concept, the popular enthusiasm it generates and the exceptional human adventure, which expresses such positive values. A lot of firms know about the Vendée Globe, as it represents such an extraordinary media opportunity”.

Guillaume Henry, General Director of the SAEM Vendée, showed that the Vendée Globe can be seen to be one of the most popular sporting events in France. “During the 2008-2009 race, 1.7 million spectators visited Les Sables d’Olonne – including 300,000 who attended the start – which means that the event is a perfect showcase for sponsors. The event also generates a huge amount of media coverage, as the figures from the last edition prove: 466 hors of television, 300 hours of radio, 18,600 press articles and around 59 million visitors to the official website. In all, the 2008-2009 Vendée Globe is said to have generated 145 million euros worth of media coverage.”

“The Vendée Globe is a guarantee of an excellent return on your investment” stated Pascal Cadorel, head of communications for the Sodebo Group, partner to the event and sponsor of Thomas Coville in the 2000-2001 race. “Our involvement in this race has contributed to the success of our company. Since we became involved in sailing in 1998, the media coverage has represented around 82 million euros and our reputation has been multiplied by 18.”

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