34°AC una bozza di protocollo

Come da pianificazione è stata pubblicata una prima bozza del protocollo della 34°edizione dell’America’s Cup. Novità la condivisione con i potenziali  challenger e un’organizzazione indipendente. Nessuna particolare novità quindi rispetto a quanto dichiarato nella conferenza stampa di Roma di inizio maggio. Il protocollo definitivo il 31 agosto 2010.

La vera e forse unica novità è l’America’s Cup Race Management, ACRM e misure strutturali per la riduzione dei costi nonostante il costante obiettivo di rendere la formula “appeal” per sponsor e per media. Evidente la preoccupazione di garantire regole certe, date e programmi definiti agli sponsor e ai finanziatori sia dei team sia dell’evento stesso.

Altro aspetto importante, nonostante la dichiarazione di voler una Coppa America aperta a tutti è l’entry fee e la forza economica richiesta ai challenger: 3 milioni di dollari di fondi garantiti più 1,5 milioni di euro di tassa d’iscrizione

Previste regate di selezione nel 2011 e 2012 e una Challenger Selection Series finale nel 2013, a cui non prenderà parte il defender GGYC.

Di seguito il testo integrale del comunicato che annuncia il protocollo:

34TH America’s Cup draft Protocol presented to teams

VALENCIA, Spain (23 June 2010) – In a joint initiative by the defender, San
Francisco’s Golden Gate Yacht Club and the Challenger of Record, Italy’s Club Nautico
di Roma, a draft of the Protocol rules for the 34th America’s Cup was sent to the
challenging teams today.
Foremost amongst numerous innovations is a forward-thinking structure that allows
funds and assets to transfer from one America’s Cup to the next.
The draft is a ‘listening and living’ document. Teams have been invited to comment and,
contribute to its final form.
This follows an already unprecedented level of cooperation with the Challenger of
Record and a dialogue with potential teams. It offers another chance for input before the
Protocol is finalized and published by the of 31st August 2010 target.
“This has been a painstaking process, but we believe it sets out a New Deal for the
America’s Cup and fair play for all teams. It also incorporates the vision of the Cup held
by Larry Ellison and BMW ORACLE Racing,” said Russell Coutts, CEO of BMW
ORACLE Racing.

“To create a fair playing field we plan to issue all of the event rules before the end of the
year, and this is a significant first step in that direction,” Coutts said. “Teams will know
exactly what they are signing-up to.”
Potential teams asked for these key elements to be included the 34th America’s Cup

Protocol and they have been:
• neutral race management body
• wide-ranging powers for the Jury
• cost cutting measures
• initiative to transform television & media output
• added-value to sponsors & business partners
• sustainable, long-term business model

Building on the initiative by the World Sailing Team’s Association, a maximum of eight
pre-regattas per year is planned for consistent racing and exposure for the teams in the
years leading up to the America’s Cup.
The Protocol will rein-in costs by reducing the number of racing crew, introducing nosailing
periods and limiting the numbers of hulls, masts, appendages and sails teams
can build.

At the end of the 34th Match, the New Deal leaves an inheritance of substantial funding
and assets to the next Defender in a move to end the stop-start cycle teams have faced
previously. This sustainable legacy is dependent of the 35th America’s Cup defender
continuing with neutral race management and a schedule of regular competition.
In keeping with GGYC’s pledge of fair-play for all, among the many measures which will
achieve this is a commitment that GGYC’s defender will not will not compete in the final
Challenger Selection Series but that there will be defense trials if there is more than one
viable US team.

Television and media output have been prioritized in the draft Protocol to deliver more
pictures, more audio and more data than ever before to audiences for an immersive
experience, either through television or online broadcast.
Progress on a new, exciting and physically-demanding class of America’s Cup yacht,
again with a dialogue with stakeholders fundamental to the process, is moving strongly

Key dates (as announced at the joint Defender & Challenger of Record Press
Conference on 6th May 2010):
• Protocol for the 34th America’s Cup will be issued by 31st August
• Design rule released by 30th September
• Race rules published by 30th December
• Challenge Period open from 1st October – 31st January 2011

The draft Protocol for the 34th America’s Cup may be read at:

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