Marco ben fatto e in Inghilterra se ne sono accorti

Sono molto lieto di farvi sapere che il Royal Offshore Racing Club (RORC) ha deciso di assegnarmi il trofeo “Dennis P Miller” per la migliore barca britannica all’estero per la mia impresa alla Global Ocean Race facendo entrare il mio “Financial Crisis” Class40 nella storia della vela di questo paese. E’ un vero peccato che al momento la mia unica alternativa sia di mettere la barca in vendita.

Financial Crisis (GBR) – Dennis P Miller Trophy – British Yacht Overseas

When Marco Nannini was dismasted within a couple of hours of starting the Rolex Fastnet Race 2011, it must have seemed like yet another hurdle among many threatening his dreams of competing Two-Handed in the Global Ocean Race 2011-12. Even having completed the emergency repairs, Nannini had already quit his job in investment banking and rented his London flat when he found that his title sponsor had dropped out less than 5 days to the start. His was already a 75% self funded campaign, garnering his Class 40 Akilaria RC1 its name: Financial Crisis.

Yet Nannini showed calm resilience and was on the start line alongside 5 other boats for the 5 leg odyssey in which competitors must race a total of 30,000 miles across some of the roughest waters on the planet. With severe budget constraints, Nannini was aware that any serious damage would end his circumnavigation and he planned to sail a smart race rather than push the boat to the edge. Despite their trepidation he and his various co-skippers clocked up a series of impressive results: 3rd in Leg 1, followed by 4th, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd in the remaining Legs to claim 2nd place overall. Nannini has proven that any offshore racer can overcome seemingly immense obstacles if they approach them with enough grit, determination and gusto.

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