X-Yachts has a new owner

 In the past days a Danish holding company has acquired the 51% stake of the sailboat builder X-Yachts from Birger Hansen, Lars Jeppesen, and Niels Jeppesen, three founding shareholders. In addition, X-Yachts has announced that Birger Hansen will gradually retire from his position in the company, whereas Lars Jeppesen and Niels Jeppesen will continue in the management team. Ib Kunøe, owner and chairman of Consolidated Holdings A/S, will become the new chairman of the Supervisory Board of X-Yachts. 

The new owner structure will ensure stability and continued growth in the company “to the benefit of employees, customers, dealers and suppliers,” says the company in a statement. Hans Viggaard will be joining the company as its CEO replacing Lars Jeppesen, effective September 1, 2012. Jeppesen will assume other managerial roles in the company.The group of owners is convinced that X-Yachts has big potential, and the intention is to further develop the company.

X-Yachts started up in 1979 and reached a turnover of US$.42million with 250 employs.


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