After 56 years Cuba permits charter from USA

NUMARINE 78 FLYBRIDGE FIRST US YACHT CHARTER IN CUBA. Numarine has the pleasure to announce that Numarine 78 Flybridge M/Y Still Water has been the very first US flagged yacht cruising to Cuba since the trade embargo between the two countries were implemented in the 1960’s. 78 Flybridge Numarine Still Water were docked in Marina Hemingway near Havana last week. The yacht carried 12 American guests and three of crew. Yacht crossed the Straits of Florida and Gulf Stream after the departure from Key West four hours prior. First glimpse of Cuba came with the single bright beam from the light-house of El Morro – a colonial era fortress which welcome – along with Malécon lights ship approaching Havana. Before to meet immigration a voice crackled over the radio to welcome Still Water and give directions to find out light-house buoys marking the channel. A unique experience.

Passengers and crew entered the country on a “person-to-person permit”, one of 12 different types of exemptions American citizens can bypass the ban upon visiting Cuba.

Currently non-American flagged yachts are able and free to visit the island, but then they are not being able to enter American waters for the six months following.

Based to Numarine and local brokers hard activities – seven months to obtain the legal go-ahead for Still Water’s departure to Cuba and cruise the island! – also public ferry companies operating from the States now aims achieve the same result and open to a large market of tourism-related opportunities to the region.

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