Everything is ready for engineering challenge

With regards to the outcome of the Monitoring Observatory meeting held today, Costa Crociere has released the following statement. “We are pleased that the documentation sent to the authorities has been well received. Everything is in place and ready, the salvage team has successfully completed the technical tests and if weather and sea conditions will remain favourable the refloating operation will commence as planned on Monday morning” said Costa Crociere CEO Michael Thamm. “It is a complex operation never attempted before, but we know we can count on the best technicians in the world. I wish them all the best for the success of this great challenge.” The refloating operation is planned to start at 6 am on Monday, July 14. During the first stage, the Concordia will be refloated about 2 meters up off the platforms and moved 30 meters towards the east with the assistance of tugs. The ship will then be  securely moored and technicians will be able to complete the attachment and tensioning of the last cables and chains, and to lower the starboard sponsons to their final position. The actual refloating will then begin, raising the ship one deck at a time, from deck 6 to deck 3. The whole operation is expected to take about 6 or 7 days to complete. The departure of the Concordia from Giglio is currently scheduled for July 21.


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