Riva’s Iseo sparkle in all its brilliance and beauty in St. Maarten

Riva Yachts, in cooperation with Island Global Yachting (IGY), will showcase its iconic ISEO at Yacht Club Isle de Sol in St. Maarten. Riva Yachts in cooperation with the world’s largest international superyacht company, Island Global Yachting (IGY), is excited to showcase at Yacht Club Isle de Sol in St. Maarten its iconic Riva ISEO.

In preparation to the 2020 Caribbean season, Riva’s ISEO will be the crowning jewel of the St. Maarten Superyacht Destination Showcase and the centrepiece display during exclusive local events and activities for superyacht owners, charters guests and VIPs at Yacht Club Isle de Sol, St. Maarten.

Yacht Club Isle de Sol welcomes hundreds of the world’s largest superyachts to its docks in St. Maarten each year. For the upcoming season, Riva and IGY set up a stunning display for the ISEO at the main entrance of Yacht Club Isle de Sol in order to create a lifestyle focused, destination experience in direct alignment with its superyacht owner and charter guest clientele, establishing the perfect environment to showcase the Riva ISEO.
Noble heir to a history of excellence and craftsmanship, ISEO is the ideal motorboat for those who love sweet sailing on lakes. Its size (open 8 metres) and ease of handling also make it the perfect tender for the yacht: to be used to transport guests and to reach areas with even very shallow waters.

While the lines and the design of this runabout are as smooth and seductive as always, in emblematic Riva style, ISEO can also boast some of the very latest technology. The result is a marriage of tradition and innovation that cannot fail to beguile all who experience her.

The official reveal of the Riva will be held during a private St. Maarten Superyacht Destination Showcase event taking place in February 2020 with IGY and Riva sending out invites to an exclusive local function at Yacht Club Isle de Sol.

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