San Juan Composites introduces the new SanJuan32 RIB

San Juan Composites LLC is pleased to introduce the new SANJUAN32 RIB, our first offering in a new series of rigid inflatable boats (RIB). The growing demand for safe, high performance, rough water capable RIB’s in the 30 to 40 foot range has prompted us to design and build our SJ32 RIB. The SJ32 RIB combines high speed rough water capability with state of the art design, engineering and composite construction to handle the rugged, no-nonsense environment of any ocean or waterway. Working with our SANJUANYACHTS design team, we have designed a hull, which provides comfort and sea keeping in extremely difficult sea conditions yet allows for higher speed cruising in calm to moderate sea conditions.

At 32’-3” L.O.A. x 10’- 3” beam inflated, our SJ32 RIB offers a premium level of interior space in a highly functional interior / exterior pilothouse layout. Our pilothouse offers both an open aft pilothouse with canvas enclosure or a removable composite aft bulkhead with windows and a door. The SJ32 RIB comes complete with an extensive list of standard equipment as well as offering many optional items that enable the owner to personalize the boat to match their intended use. The boat may be personalized and customized for a wide variety of ocean adventures including all weather commuting, fishing, snorkeling, diving, cruising and coastal exploration. Accommodations have been made to carry both kayaks and paddle boards. At just 8’ – 4” beam with tubes deflated, and just 7000 lbs., our SJ32 RIB is easily moved over the road by trailer to your favorite destination or for economical dry storage.

Performance for the SJ32 RIB includes a cruise speed of 30 knots with a top speed of over 55 knots with optional twin 300 HP Mercury Verado outboards. Both experienced boaters and novices will appreciate that the SJ32 RIB has been designed to be extremely maneuverable with outboard engines mounted apart for better balance, stability and most importantly maneuverability. This feature also provides great access in and out of the water with a walkway and ladder between the outboards. Maneuvering is further simplified with the installation of the Mercury Verado Joystick system that provides joystick docking with one handed finger tip control. This system allows the SJ32 RIB to maneuver sideways and spin 360 degrees in its own length making docking simple. The Mercury Skyhook Virtual Anchor feature will hold the boat in one place in wind or current. The combination of exceptional maneuverability and rugged inflatable military spec polyurethane tubes makes docking or coming along side another vessel a simple, stress free procedure with little possibility of incident.

Most importantly, the SJ32 RIB is American made and proudly built in Washington State using the American Bureau of Shipping, DNV and ISO 12215 rules as guidelines. Machinery and equipment are installed using the rules and regulations of the United States Coast Guard and the American Boat and Yacht Council as guidelines.

The result is a handsome, safe, high performance, rough water ready RIB for the boat owner looking for quality, attention to detail, diversity of use and value.


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