Wally Cento’s construction “on truck”

 The first 30.48m (100ft) of Wally completed and released from its female hull at Green Marine. The yacht designed by Judel & Vrolijk and constructed to a very high specification using materials and processes that are normally applied for Grand Prix racing yachts. The Wally Cento yacht owner’s representative James Stagg and Green Marine’s project manager Simon Smith were very pleased with the way this important project milestone was achieved. Simon Smith: “We are working on a very tight schedule to complete this Cento on time and launch it in July 2012. Every single task is planned and monitored on a daily basis. Our experienced team of boat builders have delivered another top quality product on time.”

The superyacht Wally Cento  will now be faired outside while the boat builders carry on installing secondary structures inside the hull. Marcel Müller, Managing Director of Green Marine, said: “All our build ovens have the extraction system and air filtration of a spray booth. This way we can provide the optimal and safe work environment for both teams working on the boat. The fact that we can cure the paint system and laminates at any time during this process will save us precious time.”

The system and interior fit out will start before Christmas. This Green Marine high performance racer-cruiser is built under the WALLY Cento class rules. As the first boat of its class hitting the water it will be the pace setter for this new generation of exiting and extremely power full race yachts.

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