FC3100 by Maxi Dolphin: Light & Fast

Light, powerful, stylish and comfortable…..four simple words describe the new FC3 100 by Maxi Dolphin, the latest boat from the  Maxi Dolphin shipyard. It is a yacht designed for one particularly demanding individual owner, who – after a year long search – chose the Italian company, to build this light, powerful, stylish and comfortable yacht. 

The 30,48 metre long FC 100 was designed by renowned French firm Finot-Conq, which together with the shipyard’s in-house Project Design department, has conceived the internal layout as well. The decor and the furnishing, totally built at Maxi Dolphin, have been designed by Pierre Frutschi Architecture & Design.

The world’s  fastest 100’cruiser”, that is the concept that Finot-Conq applied to the new FC3 100 by Maxi Dolphin. A yacht whose hull design derives directly from the vast experience of the French designers in offshore and ocean racing boats, with very slight overhangs, a max beam (8,30 metres) carrying further aft to the stern , double rudders, herald an intense and fascinating agenda of long cruises and offshore race participations alike. 

The boat carries Maxi Dolphin own signature: a light construction achieved through a high-tech use of composite materials. The boat’s quality is the result of  experience and professionalism of the company’s build personnel and the use of the most advanced construction materials, such as nomex, intermediate modulus carbon fibre, pre-pregs , indeed some of the very same techniques employed for building the most sophisticated racers. The result is a 100 footer that weighs only 52 tonnes.

Equipped with a 15 ton lifting keel, which reduces draft from 5,9 to only 3,5 metres and allows her to sail in shallow waters, and with two 9 tonne water ballast tanks  The FC3 100 by Maxi Dolphin is also extremely powerful under sail powered by her 46 metre high mast and a substantial 690 square metres of sail area.

The deck is spacious, clear and devoid of any running rigging, with a guests’ cockpit positioned just aft of the low profile windowed deckhouse, that only slightly shapes the boat’s sympathetic outline. The working cockpit, with its double wheels, has excellent space in the back over the tender garage and the transom opens to transform into a diving and boarding platform.

The interiors too, have, been designed with simplicity in mind, and are minimalist and comfortable. The airy living area under the roof, has a 360° view thanks to the large windows while the aft area includes a double guest cabin, the galley, the crew’s accommodation spaces and the engines room. 

Up ahead of the living area, three more cabins can accommodate six guests, while the bow section is totally dedicated to the owner’s suite, at least 5 metres long on the left side of the boat. The interior décor embraces shades of appealing white matte for upholstery and ceilings contrasting with some structural elements which are allowed to prevail with their glossy black carbon fibre weave. Floors are covered by comfortable and light coloured carpet, as per the owner’s preference.  High-tech characteristics of the new FC3 100 by Maxi Dolphin include interior details such as carbon fibre shower seats and the owner’s bathtub.

Advanced technologies which are the result of constant research to use the most innovative building techniques, together with long experience and a high level of craftsmanship are the main features of the new FC3 100 by Maxi Dolphin, the state-of-the-art yacht which will be the new benchmark among large sail cruisers, highlighting the elegance and construction qualities that are at the core of the ‘made in Italy’ style

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