Technohull 38 Grand Sport a bullet of 100knots

Limited edition boats don’t get much more exclusive – or more rapid – than the Super Fast edition of Technohull’s hugely successful 38 Grand Sport. This rocket ship belongs amongst the elite ranks of those craft capable of speeds of 100 knots* on water. Such extreme performance is reserved for the very, very few who are true speed aficionados.

It is the genius of Technohull’s designers to be able to accommodate such explosive speed without compromising safety or comfort. And at the heart of their solution lies the patented Dynastream hull form. Like the standard version of the 38 Grand Sport, the boat relies on a deep-V hull shape with ventilated steps. This pierces waves and deflects spray, while providing a cushion of air to reduce friction and absorb shocks to the hull. However, the entry angle and the characteristics of the steps are very different in the Super Fast edition. They have been fine-tuned to offer even greater speed potential and unparalleled control.


These unique design features are all wrapped in an uncompromisingly high-quality construction. Naturally, the hull is vacuum infused for a precise distribution of resin within the layers of composite. Quadraxial carbon is employed here, to give maximum strength in two dimensions for the minimum possible weight. Targeted use of Kevlar also provides reinforcing in key areas.


In a rare move for Technohull, the propulsion package is set in stone and cannot be changed. That is because the boat’s design and handling has been optimised for three Mercury 450R SM motors, giving a combined output of 1,350hp. Powerful as this is, it is not excessive, demonstrating the incredible efficiency of this hull. Coupled with the 590lt fuel tank, range is well over 100 nautical miles.


Control is just as much a part of Technohull DNA as speed, and so the 38 Grand Sport Super Fast edition handles like a dream. Shock-mitigating carbon bucket seats and a fully equipped ergonomic helm console are the last ingredients in a driving experience like none other. Even at her 100 knot top speed, control is absolute, with a balanced helm and smooth manoeuvring. Add to that the extreme seaworthiness of this offshore-rated hull (CE category B) and you have a recipe to satisfy even the most demanding speed freak.


Technohull’s 38 Grand Sport redefined the notion of comfort in a performance boat, demonstrating conclusively that you can have both speed and luxury. As part of the 38GS family, the Super Fast edition is no different, offering an astonishing degree of comfort. Teak decks, premium upholstery in the colour scheme of your choice and ultra-comfortable social areas are standard features. A lengthy options list ranges from underwater lighting to bathing ladders and Fusion entertainment.


Taken in the round, these features amount to one of the most complete sports boats on the water. Technohull is hugely proud of its achievement in marrying superyacht finish and features with world-beating performance. There can be no more special edition for a true lover of ultra-fast boating.

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