WMRT an event with a perfect ROO

During last days has met Matt Strachan, commercial director of WMRT – World Match Racing Tour, just before the start of race in St. Moritz. Few questios have been made in order to understand the event’s strategy in sport events arena. Strachan highlights a deep analysis of objectives for companies which invest in sport, sailing and WMRT.


SB: With such weapons in the field of marketing and communication, the WMRT faces competition from othersporting events?
MS: We face competition, not only from other sailing events but also from other sports that deliver a similar audience profile, however it’s the same challenge for everyone so it’s nothing something that worries me.  We need to constantly evaluate what we do, continue to improve at every level and highlight to brands that we’re a marketing focussed rights holder with a flexible inventory of rights and benefits.  We can deliver a broad mix of opportunities to enable brands to engage with the educated audience sailing delivers which in turn helps deliver significant returns on investment and objective.   

SB: What are the new needs of companies interested in your format?
MS: They vary considerably as some will have a B2C focus where others have a B2B or B2G focus.  It could be building the awareness of the brand in a specific region (or globally), it could be enhancing brand credibility by aligning with a World Championship event, it could be top end hospitality or it could be sales promotion.  The great thing about the World Match Racing Tour is that we can deliver all of these.

SB: A season of high level in WMRT which budget “ideal” should be for a company in terms of ROI?
MS: Not sure I understand this question.  With regard to ROI, it obviously depends on what the brands specific kpis and objectives are but the WMRT can deliver strong metrics.  I also think it’s as much about ROO (return on objectives) as ROI and this is what we try to agree in the planning stages as it enables us to evaluate the success of the partnership more accurately when the time comes to review things.

SB: What about sponsorship packages for events and which budget?
MS: I deal predominantly with Tour level partnerships but obviously there are times when either the geographical focus or the budget of a particular brand means an event level deal is more appropriate.  We always try to deliver value to our promoters by driving business their way and the costs vary according to the objectives of the brand.  

SB: What is the most significant cost item in a match racing season that a company must take into account?
MS: Activation.  In order to maximise return this needs to be done well.  It doesn’t cost a fortune with the World Match Racing Tour, as it can do in some sports, but it is an essential part of ensuring the collaboration is a success in my opinion.

SB: What visibility tools are activated by the sponsors to exploit the image of the event?
MS: We work in partnership with the events, who themselves have sponsors that they need to look after.  We work hard to ensure Tour sponsors have their ‘space’ alongside local sponsors that delivers mutual benefit and enhances the image of both the events and the Tour.  This can be achieved through imaginative activation of their rights, whether it be TV, online, social media, print, venue based branding or social events.

SB: Companies should see WMRT as an event-oriented for creating brand awareness or for establishing initiatives for Business to Business?
MS: Both, and more.  We can deliver on many fronts and I believe this is very much a strength of the World Match Racing Tour and sailing as a sport.  Research we’ve done proves that sailing fans do engage with sponsors, can demonstrate strong sponsor recall and view the brands more favourably than their competitors.  In short, sailing sponsorship works on many fronts and can deliver exceptional value for money when compared to other sports.  We adopt a consultative approach and look to thoroughly understand the challenges and objectives of the brand and then try to deliver a programme that helps achieve those.  This is what more and more brands are demanding and is one we’re very comfortable with.

Matt Strachan – credits Chris Davies, WMRT

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