Xiamen Boat Show, Azimut as well

Azimut Yachts, represented by the local dealer Xiamen Leading Boating, is the biggest exhibitors in the 4th Xiamen International Boat Show, with a fleet of 8 boats on water, among which Azimut 95 is the biggest model displayed in the show. A new Azimut 58, arriving in Xiamen in Oct, attracting the visitors by its sleek line, modern interior and comfortable space, is sold on the last day of the show. Azimut Grande 120SL has been awarded by China Yachting, one of the leading nautical media in China, as the “Biggest Motor Yacht Model Sold in China (International Brand)”, which recognized the leading position of Azimut in the mega yacht market in China. Xiamen Leading Boating, as the official dealer of Azimut Yachts in Fujian Province, now is the leader in the local luxury yacht market, which has already sold 10 boats since 2009 from 47 feet to 105 feet. With this good starting of 2011-2012 nautical season, it is confident to fulfill the sales target for this year.

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